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New era blows away illusory insecurities

When we, all our lives, have a good time, we think we have it all but, in reality, it’s just an illusion, for a deep sense of insecurity grips us and begins to grab at our emotional and material security.

We can never escape the sense of insecurity and conflict, as this feeling grows and manifests in us as deep anxiety, feelings of insecurity, unworthiness, and undesirableness many of the times.

Each one of us, when it comes to insecurity, is in a different place and rankled at different levels. But one such insecurity that commonly weighs on the minds of many at the moment is job insecurity.

Keeping their jobs is an insecurity that’s been inherent in people from early times. But add to that the competition to succeed, sometimes at any cost, then there’s an intrinsic discomfort added to our psyche.

In addition, here I’m talking not about keeping our jobs or get into the competitive race that raises anxiety levels and not being insecure but about feeling good and appreciated when we get what we deserve as educated Saudis.

With Saudi Arabia ushering in a new era, we have stopped arguing about our limitations and have started building on our opportunities and focusing on what we desire. The earlier levels of insecurity, due to this, are being mitigated.

We have, recently, received extremely happy news that Saudization of top positions in the private sector is on the cards, promising deserving jobs for educated Saudis.

We were, however, wondering why for many years we had a big percent of non-Saudis taking most of the managerial/leadership positions in the country.

The irony was even then qualified Saudis around, but were made to feel insecure by putting them in a quandary — under qualified or over qualified. Many a times they would not get good opportunities to work by putting them in the qualification dilemma.

This we cite as a simple example, but the recent news that our Shoura is planning to Saudize leadership potions by not less than 75% in the private sector is most welcome, and as a result of this idea, we will expect to see and have more Saudis in top positions.

Thus, we will have a major opportunity to introduce ourselves as examples of those leaders and to write our story to participate in the development of our country.

This news of course resonates with the Vision 2030 of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman: “But our real wealth lies in the ambition of our people and the potential of our younger generation.

“They are our nation’s pride and the architects of our future. We will never forget how, under tougher circumstances than today, our nation was forged by collective determination when the late King Abdulaziz Al-Saud – may Allah bless his soul – united the Kingdom. Our people will amaze the world again.”

We should always remind ourselves often that there is always another level of joy to reach for and there’s no need to fear or harbor insecurity.