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Hezbollah… the fall of the last ‘fig leaf’

With the verdict issued recently by the Netherlands-based Special Tribunal for Lebanon in the assassination case of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005, it was confirmed to the world that the terrorist Hezbollah is behind every crime, massacre, and bloodshed in Lebanon. It was also evident that Hezbollah was helped by Al-Jazeera of Qatar in promoting its terrorist media propaganda.

There are many irrefutable pieces of evidence of the involvement of this terrorist gang, run by Iran in Lebanon and its agent Hassan Nasrallah in terror acts, the latest of which was the Beirut Port explosion. During the past two decades, the Lebanese state has remained paralyzed and incapable of forming new governments because of the dictates of the Iranian Hezbollah and the threats of its terrorist elements. In face of such temerity, the international community should ally with Lebanon to form a unified position to stop the Iranian gang from kidnapping the Lebanese state.

Hezbollah speaks about its resistance of Israel and support for Palestine, but in fact it had shed more blood of Palestinians in the refugee camps of Lebanon and has brought for Lebanon nothing except misfortunes, disappointments, wars and lost adventures. Currently, the Iranian Hezbollah party, headed by Nasrallah, is at its worst. There is an evil alliance between Hezbollah — a client of the Iranian mullahs — and the Free Patriotic Movement led by Lebanese President Michel Aoun and his son-in-law Gebran Bassil.

Despite harmful consequences for the Lebanese and its polity, it will not deter or prevent the Lebanese from agreeing to a new system in which there is no place for the Iranian weapon called “Hezbollah weapon”, which is truly a tool for Iran’s hegemony, oppression and inflicting of poverty on the Lebanese people.

In such a scenario, it is vital for the Lebanese people to escalate their confrontation against Hezbollah and adhere to their current revolution against the political class — which gives the terrorist party the much needed cover to participate in the formation of government and parliament — so as to remove it permanently from the mosaic of the Lebanese politics.

What is certain is that the freedom that the Lebanese aspire for will not be achieved without more honorable patriotic sacrifices and mobilizing of the ranks to confront Iranian terrorism and the Hezbollah statelet in order to eradicate this cancerous tumor from their political system and to build a prosperous future for their country where they enjoy security and peace.