Home News Gunmen kill 3 Revolutionary Guard members in Iran

Gunmen kill 3 Revolutionary Guard members in Iran

Iranian media reported on Tuesday that Unknown gunmen killed three members of the paramilitary Revolutionary Guard in a shootout in a Kurdish area, Iranian media reported.

The report by the semi-official Tasnim news agency, which is close to the Guard, identified the killed as Col. Shakiba Salimi and two others, Jafar Nezampour and Mohammad Shokri, whose ranks were not given.

It said the three Guard members also killed “several counterrevolutionaries” in the fighting near the Kurdish town of Divandarreh about 63 kilometres east of the border with neighboring Iraq and 400 kilometres west of the capital Tehran.

There were no details on the affiliation of the gunmen.

The area has seen occasional fighting between Iranian forces and Kurdish separatists as well as militants linked to the extremist Islamic State group. In July, Kurdish militants killed three members of the guard in the country’s northwest.

Iran’s eastern borders have also been the scene of occasional clashes with Baluch militants, too.