Home News Protests sweeping Morocco against Trump Mideast peace plan

Protests sweeping Morocco against Trump Mideast peace plan

On Sunday, the streets of the Moroccan capital witnessed thousands of demonstrators to protest against a new US Middle East peace plan which the Palestinians says favours Israel.

Carrying Palestinian flags, the demonstrators, including local politicians, Islamist sympathisers and trade unionists, marched in Rabat chanting “Long Live Palestine”.

They called for a boycott of American products, denouncing the United States as “enemies of peace” and chanted “Palestine is not for sale”.

Demonstrators, wearing red-black-green-white scarves in the colours of the Palestinian standard, torched an Israeli flag and spoke against any attempt by Morocco “to normalise” ties with the Jewish state.

Morocco has warming but quiet relations with Israel, although they do not enjoy formal diplomatic ties.

Israel and Morocco opened “liaison” offices in each other’s countries in the mid-1990s but Rabat closed them after an escalation of Palestinian-Israeli violence in 2000.

Last month US President Donald Trump unveiled a Middle East plan for peace between Israel and the Palestinians which the Palestinians have rejected saying it is biased in favour of the Jewish state.